Vidyalaya Management Committee Members

VMC Member
Sr.No. Name Designation Status Office Address/Residence Address
1 Mr.Venkat Rao IAS IAS Chairman

District Collector and Magistrate

2 Mr. Sita Rama Rao, Joint Collector Joint Collector Nominee
3 Ms Noorjahan Asst. Prof, Dept of Chemistry Eminent Educationist

palamoor University,Mahabubnagar

4 Mr. Balakistappa Eminent Educationist


5 Mr.Hanumantah Reddy Eminent Person in the field of culture


6 Mr T.Srinivas Parent Reprentative


7 Dr Samuel Med.Supdt. Eminent Doctor of the area

HQ Hospital, Hyderabad.

8 Mr.Linagaiah Naik PD MEPMA SC / ST representative belonging to class I service if available
9 Mr.D.L.N.Murthy PGT (Chemistry) Teacher Representative
10 Mr.Y.Nageswara rao TGT (WE) Teacher Representative
11 Mr.L.Kishtaiah RTO Co-opted member


12 Mr.Balaraju Income tax officer Chairman, CGEWCC


13 ----- S.E , R&B One Technical Member from construction background (at leat of the rank of Executive Engineer / Garrison Engineer From CPWD / State PWD / MES/)
14 Ms.V.Mrudula Principal of KV as member secretary